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Old 11-19-2016, 08:19 PM
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Need Hickok 209C VTVM Meter Assembly

Well, curiosity killed the cat once again. I love old test equipment, but like radios, tvs, etc, that we all collect and tinker with the test stuff gets addictive with the plethora of interesting pieces being offered on the WWW and I'm growing weary of fixin' my fixin' stuff.

I have found that vintage anything with a meter movement is a HUGE shot in the dark. I have had an open movement (trash) and sticky movements which is the case with this 209C. Just one spot catches and it's not a tapping thing to get it to proceed. I checked for the hopes of just the needle hitting the scale plate or something simple, but this one sticks with all of that taken off. Nothing was physically stopping it outside of whatever internal portion of the mechanism has a tight spot and very well may have come new like that.

I say that because the thing is in super clean shape. Even the switches were clean. Perhaps some tech got it and Hickok replaced it under warranty and just left the bad unit behind. Same thing as DirecTV does to your expensive satellite equipment when something goes wrong. It's not worth the freight for them to retrieve and throw in a pile of other outdated stuff which these days is about a year or two.

So, if anyone happens to have a junker sitting around I would be interested in this movement. The earlier 209 and 209A movements are the same dimensions, but the scale plate mounting is a bit different. I'm not sure about the specs. Probably close enough to use. I know at least one member here is into these. For the record, I have a plain 209 that I would be willing to part on a swap for parts. I guess though if I am going to part a meter I could re-drill the mounting holes of this C and use the older movement.

All in all I would rather just purchase as I would like to have working examples of all three models that ran from I think the 40s through the 60s. Thanks in advance to anyone with some ideas or the part, or both.

Tube out!
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