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Old 01-27-2003, 05:00 PM
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Help IDing old Zenith shocker er... TV


When I was little, ca. 1976 or so, our house had a metal-chassis Zenith color set. This set hated my guts. It shocked me more than a few times, and that was just by trying to tune it!

Best I can describe it: Metal case, table-top, fake 'wood' finish all around (like contact paper maybe?) The tuners were off to the right, and below the speaker (I think) was the power/volume switch..I think the knob had a little 'crown' divided in 3, with each section being R, B and G. I think the tube size was 19 or maybe 21. I think it was tubed 'cause it took forever to come on, and when you finally shut it down, it did what tube TVs did..fade out to a dot. I think I remember some kind of flip-down door under the screen that gave access to V-Hold and all that fun stuff that today's TVs lack.

I remember the tube being a little 'greenish' looking when off. The thing finally got retired after it zapped my gramma once too many. That set also sounded "tic-tic-tic" (like a taser gun)..when you heared that, you knew better than to touch it.

The TV fix-it-guy never did get it right on that one...

I also remember (i was THREE here, so...) our next-door neighbors having a Zenith color job in Venezuela.. 1973? HUGE console, the remote sounded it shook or something (Ultrasonic?) and what made me giggle like an insane 3 year old was...the tuner would turn at the push of a button, but wouldn't stop.. it was hosed
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