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Old 10-24-2009, 11:37 PM
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RCA International Radio and CTC-25 Lancaster, Pa

I responded to a Craigslist ad for a CTC-9 and found these two items in the same house. This guy is taking offers, and I think at this point he would be especially reasonable on the CTC-25.

Here's how they break down:

The '25 is in immaculate condition. No cataracts or any other issues that jumped out at me. There was a BPC set on top of it, so I could not see the entire top, but it otherwise looked great. This set is housed in a Danish Modern cabinet which features a really neat swivel base. This is pretty much going to the dumpster if there are no takers.

The radio is a floor model on spindle legs: It is badged as an RCA international, but it looks like your typical 50's European radio with the piano key controls-think Grundig. It boasts stereo sound, tuning eye, bass/treble meters, and several bands-I did not check if it did FM. It has a stack player turntable as well, which is badged RCA as well, it even includes the RCA branded 45 stack adapter. This set is dusty, and there are a few water rings on the top.

These come from the home of a man who worked for RCA here in Lancaster. His son is selling them off to get his Dad a little extra cash. They are not looking to get rich and would be open to any reasonable offers. I tried to assess what he had to give him some idea of the value of these items, which came down to my basically saying that while the television wasn't worth very much, the radio, as it is of the European styling that seems to be popular now, is worth something. I advised him to try to at least get fifty dollars for it. If either of these items interest you, pm me. You probably have a couple of weeks from this post before they are gone. I'd just hate to see either of them get tipped into the dumpster.
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