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Old 09-09-2009, 11:18 PM
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TV Shop Cleanout Continues

I'm really looking forward to the classifieds here!

Some may remember that last winter I began cleaning out a local TV shop. I've moved quite a bit of stuff; I'm starting to run out of things that will be readily sellable. Prices are pretty negotiable. Here are some things that really need homes:

A set of RCA service manuals covering the 70s. These are in RCA binders and take up a whole shelf. Ideally, one person would take the hole bundle. Shipping, even media mail, would likely get expensive...but they need to be saved.

An RCA color test jig from the early 70s. The cabinet is something like a CTC-19. Needs a thorough cleaning. Has at least some adapters with it.

A '74 Sylvania 21" table model color set. I have this here at home. Very nice picture. This is a GT Matic, all solid state. It has a problem in the vertical circuit; if I ever get my bench cleaned off I may have a crack at it. He was asking $40 for this one but this is negotiable, particularly with it needing a repair.

I have many, many NOS RCA parts from the seventies and some newer, a few older. I have them inventoried, more or less. Get me a part number and I'll see what I can do. Got things like triple-pots (that's what I call 'em, anyhow), knobs, coils, etc. Most I have been trying to get $5-10 a piece for.

Modules and parts-I have one box of mid/late 70s Magnavox modules, another of all Zenith stuff. I could let these go in a lot for cheap.

I'll post some other stuff in time. I hope this ad falls within the rules-if not, somebody please let me know!
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