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Old 01-07-2017, 11:36 PM
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1" & U-Matic Video Tapes Looking For Home

I may regret it later but, I've decided somebody else should be the caretaker of this stash of old video. I really have enough to do without trying to get equipment up and running to watch it all! Here's what I have:

1" open-reel video tapes, 89 8" reels and 14 6-1/2". Most are labeled, and if they really contain what the labels say, they hold some great stuff. Nixon's resignation, Ford-Carter debate, episodes of SNL from the 70s, Johnny Carson anniversary special, a George Burns special, etc, etc. But, for all I know, they could be blank or??? Also, the ones I checked showed some mold. I have no idea where they originated and have no way to play them.

U-matic tapes, 90 in all, plus a Sony V0-5600 that sorta works if you coax it a little. Bound to be some interesting things on some of these tapes; some are ABC News that have had the 3 Stooges recorded over them, there's some stuff from Ford, different industrial stuff, etc.

U-matic SP, 36 in all, and similar in content to the U-matic.

I really would rather not ship the tapes (and absolutely will not ship the recorder) but would consider it. How much? How about: if you find something really neat on the tapes, you send me a DVD (or VHS, or Beta)? There would be a handling charge if I had to ship (plus, of course, you would have to pay the freight; at least they could go media rate).

Thanks for looking!
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