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Old 07-01-2013, 11:01 PM
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CRT Computer Monitors..Anyone still use them ?

Anyone here still using CRT Computer monitors ?
Ive been a CRT fan forever and cannot make the switch to LCD !

Recently I bought a Sony FW900 Monitor for $50 bucks locally.
I see on ebay these things sell for $500-$1000 !
If no one knows, this is a 24" 16:10 CRT flat panel Monitor.
Supposedly, it sold for $3500 new. Last made in 2004. Made in Japan.
It weighed 92 lb !
The picture quality was out of this world !

Heres a thread I found on it with all info/specs .

That monitor lasted 2 years then when up in smoke 1 day when I turned it on.
It was a short in the tube that was not repairable. I sold it to someone locally for parts.

Heres a pic of it

I am now using probably just as good a 22" NEC FE2111SB monitor.
It has an amazing picture and I got it for cheap ! I also got a free one just for backup.
I have both the white and black casings.

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