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Old 06-03-2010, 11:50 PM
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Wanted: HV RF coil from Motorola VT-71 or similar

I have a Hallicrafters 505 with the usual HV fade problem attributed to deterioration of the HV RF coil with age. I'd like to retrofit a good HV coil from one of the sets that doesn't show this problem routinely, like the Motorola VT-71, Sentinel 400TV, or Admiral 19A11 (and similar electrostatic sets). Probably the ones that show the problem the most are the Philco and Hallicrafters 7" sets, so I would like to avoid a coil from either of those.

Anyone have a junker chassis or set that you would be willing to pull the HV RF coil from?

I'll report on the success of the retrofit, so others can see if this is a good way to fix these sets. I'd rather not put in some modern solid state HV supply.

Thanks, Tom

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