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Old 03-20-2017, 02:58 PM
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I swapped out the relay then the starter yesterday. I could not initially find the starter, and was trying to check if the relay was firing. I pulled the relay had some one crank it and plugged the relay in and it started...I swapped the relay for a new one thinking it was the cause and then it would not start again...At that point I found the starter motor and was able to confirm correct crank voltages to it while it was refusing to crank. Swapped in a new motor (amazing it costs as much as the one in my Lincoln despite being under half the size), and it now seems to be starting reliably (knock on wood). Check engine light is back out too(IIRC this car leaves it on till the engine starts). The old starter had one of the big terminals on the plastic terminal board rip out as I was removing it.

They gave a decent amount of space to work on it, but it still is awfully cramped. A few times I wished I had an air wrench where the bolt was nice and loose, but the ratchet only had 2-4 clicks of swinging range...That is the kind of work that cramps one's whole arm especially in ~45 degrees.
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Old 03-20-2017, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Electronic M View Post
At that point I found the starter motor and was able to confirm correct crank voltages to it while it was refusing to crank.
Well hey, that's a perfect confirmation. Glad you found the problem. A starter with a dead spot can have very weird intermittent problems like you had. I've had lots of terminal lugs break out of starters. It's usually bakelite, made extra brittle by years of high temperatures and hot/cold cycles. New ones don't break easily, but it's always important to know your medium when you're tightening a bolt.
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