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Old 10-21-2017, 02:20 PM
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Philco 38-116 chassis resto

IIRC summer of 2015 I picked up my first 15 tube console the Philco 38-116.

The set was a relatively untouched original, and to my surprise worked quite well on mostly original caps. Two of it's lytics had been changed recently (also one of the cans had been replaced around the 1950's), and one paper cap replaced.

DSCN2743 by Tom Carlson, on Flickr

Normally something working that well would not get messed with, but I wanted it to be a safe daily use set so I decided to go the extra mile....I really liked that the under chassis was basically untouched so I decided to keep that appearance....I restuffed every paper cap*, bakelite block cap, the lone metal block above chassis, and the lytic cans....I also found a paper shell for the lone modern film cap the previous restorer left. I'm not going to bother with before pictures since ignoring the red marks (made to show future owners what has been rebuilt), and the new hiding of the previous work, the chassis is the same as before (I even kept outside foil markings on the shells matching the factory wiring).
*unless there are paper caps hiding in the IF cans, I only left 1 original paper cap alone. The paper cap at the back of the center bandswitch/tuning sub-chassis was completely buried under the bandswitch and coils. I can barely see it, and there is no way to get at it's terminals/connection points without MAJOR chassis disassembly so I plan to leave it be.

For now I'm calling it done. It still needs various things though...The back and a square tube shield (granted it is for an audio stage) are missing. Also I want to return it to ST style 6L6 outputs....AFAIK I don't have any on hand and one of the originals died of a lead corroding off flush with the glass (I put some modern Fender 6L6s in for temporary). I need to eventually figure out why one of the lower dial lights does not work (both are switched), and the AFC and variable bandwidth IF systems seem like they could work a bit better. I also should try to service the power and the mag tuning indicator lamp switch as both are a bit flaky.

All in all it is still pretty nice as it is right now.
Tom C.

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Old 10-23-2017, 02:26 PM
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Great work! This is what a prewar set deserves and how a restoration should be done
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