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Old 11-19-2017, 09:52 PM
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RCA, as would any legitimate builder/rebuilder, would have labeled the crt as rebuilt in some way. I don't know when they started using the "Grade A", "Grade B" etc system. At least it would mention used envelope, new gun, etc.

Were the date code on a paper label I would speculate the date would indicate when it was packaged, but with it on the socket I think it more accurate. I have seen tubes with 2 dates on them (all the tubes in one of my Portacolors were like this.)
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Old 01-18-2018, 01:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Dave A View Post
Just my opinion. The whole 15GP22 production was so crude with the flat plate, early phosphoring, physical alignment, welds, glass to metal, etc., It had to be low production and the 21 series blew that out of the water to the bean counters. I cannot imagine RCA kept that assembly line around for long. As for studio monitors it was a quick jump to jeeped up 21CT55 sets as many photos document. I think the ones on Allied, etc. were happily gassing away in loneliness on the shelves.
Dave I believe you are right on the money about the length of time RCA would have kept the 15G production line.

It is my belief that RCA probably manufactured a certain amount of surplus for replacement tube warehouse inventory. In addition, tubes that were in the field and replaced due to low emission, which were still holding good vacuum, could have been a source of candidates for re-gunning at RCA after the original production inventory run had been depleted. I believe someone posted that they actually had seen a 15G with a sticker that stated it was a rebuilt tube. So that confirms that RCA actually did rebuild some 15G's.
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