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Old 09-22-2002, 06:07 PM
Eric C
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Question about UHF sets in Canada.

Quick question for any Canadian collectors out there, or anybody familiar with the Canadian market...I know that all sets sold in the U.S. after March, 1964 had to have UHF tuners built in, but was the same cut off date used for Canadian sales? The reason I ask is that I remember that we won a 19" RCA Victor portable just after Christmas 1966 (early 1967), which had a metal disk on the front saying "for UHF tuner", but did not have a UHF tuner installed in it. Anybody know whether RCA was indeed selling sets in Canada in 1967 without UHF tuners, or was this likely an unsold set of a few years before which was raffled off? The first set that I ever remember seeing with UHF was our 22" Zenith table model which we received for Christmas from my grandparents for Christmas 1968. As I remember, the only channels we could get on UHF the first few years were WNED Channel 17 and WUTV Channel 29 out of Buffalo. I think that it was the early seventies before we had a UHF station in the Toronto area.
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