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Old 12-06-2015, 05:13 PM
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FS: Tubes NOS and some used. Genalex KT-88's too

Well I want clear out the pasture and the hoarding over the years of collecting, so here are some of them:

12AX7's some Telefunken (new & used)

12AU7's (many) new and used

12BH7's (new & used)

5751's (new)

6DJ8 (new)

12BY7A's (new)

6BN6 (used)

6AT8A (used)

7199 (new)

Genuine G.E.C./Genalex KT-88's (used)Qty=4

6550A's (used) RCA & Tung-Sol

6L6's ( new & used)

6CA7's (new) Amperex qty=4

6V6's (used)

7581A's (4) new not matched

5U4's (new & used)

5V4's (new)

5Y3's (used)

6X4's (new)

6V4 (new)

3A3 (new)

12BE3 (new)

6AQ8's (new)

6BQ5's (new)

That's most of them, with some other "strays".

PM me or email if interested and we can talk pricing. Any transactions will be via my PayPal account.

Tom (PK)
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