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Old 08-30-2010, 09:22 PM
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B&K 707 tube tester & other TV test equipment

An ex-TV repairman friend had an uncle who played around with TV repair back in the '60's. Some of his test equipment ended up in the hands of my friend, where it sat unused for 30+ years. The other day, he showed up at my house and said he had some goodies for me on the back of his truck.

The first, and most interesting item, is a B&K model 707 dyna-jet tube tester that was still in the box and looks to have been used very little. I was very glad to get this, as it's getting to the point where any kind of semi decent tube tester is going for more money than I care to spend, thanks to greedbay and all the people with ultra deep pockets.

The second item is a Triplett model 801 solid state VOM with case and HV probe.

The third item is a Sencore "color king" pattern generator.

Fourth, we have a B&K 470 CRT tester/rejuvenator. This unit actually belonged to my ex-technician friend and was their shop tester until I stopped working. It seems to have a problem with the G2 voltage. When testing a color CRT, I can just barely rotate the R, B, and G cut-off controls and the meter reads at the cutoff mark; but, the CRT does not show any emission. The picture you see is of my unit, since I have the other unit torn apart on the bench in an effort to fix it. If I can fix it, it will be going to a fellow VK'er, who needs a decent CRT tester. My model is an ex-Sears service department model. When I got it, the rejuvenate function had been disabled. Fortunately, I had a junk unit that I was able to swipe a resistor from and see where all the other wires went that were disconnected. I guess Sears wanted to make sure that their service technicians didn't rejuvenate any picture tubes. I'm sure this was done so that Sears could either sell the owner a new CRT or a new TV.

Last, is a B&K 1076 TV analyst that's still in the box and looks to have seen little use. It's very clean and the only real damage I see is the yoke housing is coming apart (like so many old yokes do). I already have a newer Sencore analyst and this one is also going to a fellow VK'er.

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Old 09-01-2010, 12:08 PM
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What a nice collection to receive as a present!

Perfection is hard to reach with a screwdriver.
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Old 09-02-2010, 04:53 PM
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thats one clean 1076...
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