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Old 02-08-2013, 03:07 PM
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Nos flybacks and yokes

These are mostly NOS Thordarson and Merit parts with a few exceptions. They are still in the original boxes. Email me at for quickest response if you need anything. I have lots of tubes as well, but too many to list. Thanks!

Thordarson Flybacks-Many New in Box:
Fly-3 G-E, Coronado
Fly5 Multi Purpose 70 Degree
Fly-8 Emerson, Hallicrafters 70 Degree
Fly9 For Magnavox 320061-1,-3 70 Degree (I have two)
Fly-10 Admiral 79c30-1,-3 79C32-1 79C36-1 ***No box-looks unused***
Fly-12M Exact Repacement Muntz TO-0031,-2 70 Degree

Merit Flyback New in box:
HVO 43 Airline, Truetone, Coronado
HVO 54 Admiral
HVO 151 Philco
HVO 58 New but in Thordarson Box

General-Electric Flyback Transformers New in box!

RCA Flyback N.I.B. #70480

Ram Flyback New in box: #X047

Ram Flyback No box, looks unused #XO-84

Motorola Flyback New in box:

Philco Flyback N.I.B. #322-7029 Sylvania

Stancor Flyback N.I.B. HO-357 Silvertone

Magnavox Flyback 361241-1B 100622

Unknown Flyback, unused #971334-1 274209

Unknown Flyback, unused #EU77X9 Green Plastic

Unknown Flyback, #R10 214-11, Possibly GE Models
21C1545, 21C1671

Unknown Flyback, #24DG6258A10-M 41M64

Thordarson Deflection Yokes-Many New in box!
Y-24 ***No Box***
Y-133 Magnavox 361340 90 Degree Color
Y-45 Motorola
Y-51 G-E 110 Degree
Y-11,Y12,Y22,Y32,Y33,Y34(G-E),Y44,Y49*** I have 2 Y12's***

Merit Deflection Yokes N.I.B.
MFD-82 Dumont
MFD-89 RCA 70 Degree
MFD-127 Bradford, Wells-Gardner

Philco Deflection Yokes New in box!
76-14170-1 Have 3
76-14309-4 Have 2
Philco Yoke #32-9645 70 Degree

Triad Deflection Yoke:
Y-46 90 Degree
Y41 90 Degree

Sylvania Deflection Yoke #51-15473-2

Unknown Yokes bearing**24G10250A11** NN70 Blue Plastic 1960s Have 3
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