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Old 04-03-2018, 03:08 PM
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Damaged Packard Bell 2114 TV - Free

Hello! I recently picked up a Packard Bell 2114 TV (1952-1955?) from an estate sale.
Vintage TVs aren't usually my thing, but it came up because I was looking for the computers Packard Bell made and it was too lovely a unit to see it end up in the landfill. It was in unknown condition, but I figured I could possibly repair it if broken.

Unfortunately, it didn't make it the whole way back to my place, the jostling due to the long car ride caused the very tip of the tube to crack and snap, and we heard the tell-tale hiss of a vacuum tube just becoming a "tube"

The unit was pretty rusty anyway, as it seems to have been stored in a basement for the last 60? years

So I'm offering it for free. It's currently in Milpitas, CA (bay area, near SF), it' s way too large to ship, but I can possibly meet you halfway if you live relatively nearby. It's quite large and I can get dimensions if you're unsure it'll fit.

The exterior is mostly intact with few scratches, full set of pictures here (and bigger versions):

Hopefully this'll be useful to someone! Some twitter commenters have suggested basically scooping out the guts and putting an LCD in there, but before that happens I'd rather run it by people who might be able to repair it or use it as spare parts for their own vintage TVs
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Old 04-03-2018, 11:20 PM
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Found it in Riders 9. It needs a 20CP4 CRT.
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