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Old 03-02-2018, 12:55 AM
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DuckHunt to Magnavox 3 way 196?-7?

Hello fellow VK users,

Buckle up and come along with me on my journey into retro electronics restoration!

The story: I have been a digital game collector/data hoarder for most of my life. I am finally at the age where I can spend money on my hobbies and tinker around freely.
I recently came across the great idea of making "complete consoles" (all games without emulation) fitting inside the original system without external parts.
My first successful console was the Xbox original (2tb internal HDD) lots of good memories. Then I asked myself what console did I love the
most growing up? Nintendo Entertainment System was at the top of the list!
I was able to track down and refurbish a NES with ease. Using an Everdrive cartridge I was able to make it complete without emulation, but forgetting about how the NES Zapper worked is what has led (LED is that a pun?) me to the point of you reading this right now.

For those who don't know about the NES Zapper here is a quick run down Zapper

In the mean time I have became a stay at home cannabis farmer and found this beauty that came with the house (guessing they didn't want to move the beast) in the basement! Also, found some records in a super dusty box.
I'm good with wood and tech (hard/software 3.1/linux to today) I know nothing of the tech from this era, but I'm a fast learner!

When I came across her she didn't even turn on!
I was able to get her to power up.
Track down a couple UHF/VHF matching transformers to get my Nintendo Entertainment System working.
Get an okay picture watching drh4683's video that has led me to this wonderful site.

TLDR: What year is this thing and lets restore it!

End game: My goals with this project is to restore the unit to just have fun and learn some stuff to be honest. With the end game of having a nice little tv to play my retro consoles/media and I guess put some use to the records I found in the basement.

P.S. Don't really watch TV stations but was looking at one of these magic boxes to setup with a raspberrypi 3/surround sound running plex for all of my media needs.

Here she be! Ignore the porter with a straw

I was able to track down this picture online that had the same pattern on a stereo that was labeled 1968
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