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Old 02-25-2017, 07:28 PM
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1950s Admiral Hi-Fi Suitcase Record Player

Hello everyone about a month ago I had acquired several old suitcase style record players from a friend of mine who was getting out of the flea market business (yes this is the same guy I got the Silvertone record player from) and anyways one of the record players I got from him was a mid 1950s vintage Admiral Model Y4604 which is in good working order changer wise but the tonearm is broken in the back.
I took the tone arm off its shaft and looked underneath and sure enough on the back of the tonearm where the plastic cover of the tone arm is supposed to fasten to the tonearm support/pivot is broken and is missing its orignal screws and also whatever shims where there to go between the screwheads and the top of the pivot point attachment point to hold the tonearm into place, I'll post some pictures so you can see what I'm talking about.

I'm wondering how hard it would be to repair the broken tonearm on this unit or how hard it would be to source a replacement tonearm for this record player.
Also the amplifier I think if I remember right from the last time I heard this thing run I think it might of also needed a new power supply cap but not sure as its been several months since I last heard this thing fired up.

The cartridge used on this record player is one of those old Ronette cartridges that mounts to the front of the tonearm with a nut and washer and flips over with a small lever on the front of the tonearm to either a 78 Needle or an LP/EP needle.

Any help or info for this record player would be appreciated.

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