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Old 03-21-2017, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Zenith26kc20 View Post
Sounds like Macrovision copy protection is your problem. It can cause lines in the picture. Do you have, or know someone with a video stabilizer? This will remove macrovision. Macrovision type protection is also on many DVDs. I have to use one on my Zenith color roundie or it goes nuts.
Your VCR is a major source of crooked top of the picture. Newer sets had a lot faster horiz sync that eliminated the problem. Panasonic had a high dollar VCR with a time base corrector but they were troublesome. It used a form of the "G" chassis with many plastic gears. Do you have a OTA box to try?

Hello, I'm sure you have misread my last message with the picture above which seems to be a color photo. When I make my adjustments, I use something other than a VCR .. And with regard to that, the problem is fixed. I use a Sony VCR 4 stereo heads to play my old movies in Black & White but otherwise, I use a Sony DVD for dvd. I know it's always better to use a DVD player but, ..... To reproduce my sentence above, my TV is not a color TV but a black and white TV. The only problem is the lines you see at the top of the screen. The picture that my tv has, is superb. It is only my WEB-CAM that does not do justice to the image I posted. That is all my friend. So, only the lines is his trouble to my black and white TV, For now, I can not afford to buy a camera. That's all Actually, I only need to know what is probably my problem that causes this kind of lines at the top of my screen. Thank you
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