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Old 06-09-2017, 05:30 PM
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Don't those globes usually have a cascade multiplier running at line frequency? I don't see why you'd need a flyback from a color set per se, you should be able to get away with one from a B&W set then put a doubler one it.
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Old 06-09-2017, 06:16 PM
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You're looking at minuscule current here. Call up Arlynn at Heyboer, ask him to wind you a mains transformer 117 VAC to 5 kV at a milliamp or so, and then use a Cockcroft-Walton arrangement to get up to whatever HV you need. Not terribly elegant, but it works, and has for 85 years...
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Old 06-09-2017, 08:16 PM
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Your rough number seem in the ballpark to me. I'd be surprised if someone told me horizontal output transformers
are driven at 10 watts or a thousand watts.

Don't worry about measurement stuff I'm perfectly happy with HV as long as it's low power. I've been messing with
HV AC and DC for a number of years and have remained shock free.


All the globe power supplies I have seen (about seven so far) have been some sort of oscillator driving MOSFET(s)
which directly drive a HV step up transformer, usually an un-gapped flyback style. Cascade multiplier put out DC,
not useful for this stuff.


I'll check out Heyboer. I'm guessing they do coils?

The same comment on the Cockcraft-Walton, DC is no good for driving a capacitively coupled plasma globe.

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Old 06-09-2017, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Alan Sailer View Post

Don't worry that I will be using up too many flybacks. I only need a few good units. The world seems to have
mostly lost the ability to make good high voltage AC coils so I have to find suitable vintage coils.

And with the dearth of good flybacks for pre-1967 sets, you may find it hard to find one cheap. A good Fly 276, 277 or 308 is hard to find.

I'm like others in my recommendation - for a few microamps of current, look at cheap Black and White flybacks from the tube era, perhaps something for a 19 or 21" set, sure to be rated at enough current for a plasma globe. Without the capacitance of the CRT, they do put out a bit more of HV...we made a stationary 2" arc at a friends house one evening (drive was from an HR Diemen flyback tester ((EDIT: like this one: ))) and the flyback was from a 19" Sanyo tube B/W set. The fly ate itself, presumably because we didn't load it like the yoke and CRT would normally. Arced to the core, and smoked the paper at the core.
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