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Old 05-21-2017, 07:25 PM
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1967 Color TV, Audio introductions?

The Consumer Technology Association -- the folks who stage the annual CES in Vegas -- is planning to mark June's 50th anniversary of the first CES. They're hunting for any of the products below (to borrow for a New York event) that would have been introduced at that first CES.

Got any of these? Drop me a line:


Zenith (H-207)

• The Shoreview Y2022, 19" (d) TV
• The West Y4519W, 23" (d) TV
• The Modern Y565, console Hi-Fi with record player and speakers
• The Camelot YT960W, console Hi-Fi
• The Aristocrat Y280, "back-to-back clock/radio
• The Lucien Y964H stereo console
• The Lind Y960W stereo console
• The Contessa Y962H stereo console
• The Seville Y966DE stereo console
• The Manchester Y968M stereo console

RCA (A-201A, A201B)

Intro'd 52 new TV models
• Mark 8, model YJD 22, console 8-track with built-in stereo systems
• "Headliner", 14" (d) portable color TV ($329.95) runs on AC
• 8" (d) portable B&W TV ($119.95), either AC or ni-cad battery pack ($49.95)
• YJG-52 stereo tape recorder, with detachable wing speakers ($229.95)
• "Sit-Down Stereo" with naugahyde upholstery, shock-mounted record changer, 75-watt tuner-amp ($500)

GE (H-122)

• 11" (d) portable color TV, 24 lbs, "the first under $200 color set ever sold", no antenna or handle
• 11" (d) portable color TV, 24 lbs, with antenna and handle ($229.95)
• "Porta Color 10V" portable color TV, 24 lbs.
• 19" (d) "new size" color TV

Panasonic/Matsushita (H-204A/H-205A)

101 new products
• TR-205 "Starstream" TV, 5V" portable TV, battery or AC ($129.95); listed on "CES Innovations" new products Show Daily page
• 14-inch portable color TV, ($379.95), 45 lbs., "33 transistors"
• "Magic Touch" CB radio, 1-watt with standby and call fearures, $125 (a pair?)

Philco-Ford (A-202)

Ad in Show Daily: "3-D color TV that let's you see around corners – holographic TV – will be quite common by 1999. So will color telephones, electronic education systems and electronic organs that let you play a full orchestra. The home entertainment business is going to look very different just 32 years from now, and so is the appliance business. Big-selling items will be meal programmers, sonic-wave cleaners and micro-wave ovens."
• color TV ($299.95), unique round tube, "created on of the pricing sensations of the 1968 introductions"

Toshiba (A-206)

• CIS, 15V" portable color TV ($329.50), 45 lbs., metal cabinet "charcoal"
• CIG, 15V" portable color TV ($349.50), 45 lbs., metal cabinet "walnut-grained vinyl"
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