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Old 10-01-2016, 09:43 PM
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Kaito AN-100 Tuned Loop Arrived

So the stuff I've been writing here is old hat to most of you, I know. I'm new to radio. Been using them for only several decades. But not dxing. I read about many radio lovers getting their first radio as a kid and jumping right in to finding distant stations. When I got my first transistor, all I wanted to do was listen to music on local stations and was completely oblivious to any dx considerations.

Oh, I used it all the time to listen to bubblegum rock, some classical, and 'beautiful music' for falling asleep. All that noise between my locals was for skipping over quickly. It was only a few years ago that I became aware of AM dxing. So some of you went on to pick up amateur radio, getting your ham licenses and such, and your knowledge base about radio... well, many of you have forgotten more than I'll ever know, so bear with my lame, noob posts.

I've been reading for a long while that tuned loops are effective as reception aids, and realize that there are larger, diy tuned loops that some of you have likely built, but this little Kaito is my introduction to what I believe is referred to as inductive coupling. Ordered it two days ago, arrived today, love Amazon Prime. (My new Satellit will be here soon.)

Tried it out with my old Panasonic RB-40, which certainly needed some help with distant stations that my Crane-EP catches easily, and was delighted to find that it actually works very well. Chicago WBBM 780 was only very faintly audible in the noise, as the sun was going down, but popped into intelligibility with careful tuning of the loop. Like magic. Well, electromagnetic magic then.

It helped the Radio Shack DX-390 I'm giving away on AK, too. Wonderful. Will it also prove useful with the Satellit when it hits my doorstep? I'm thinking it may well do so, since its such a small radio, even though it should prove more sensitive than the RS and Panny. I'd been hesitant to drop $25 on one, but it certainly seems to work well. Wasn't just the one channel, about 700 miles away, either, but the other big-watt stations in Chicago, and about the same distance the opposite direction, New Orleans. Plus a plethora-ish number of 400-500 mile-away 'clear-channels.'

I'll be getting back to it now, just wanted to pop in and share the excitement.
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