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Old 10-04-2013, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by bellarmine View Post
Jon, thanks again for your interest! Sorry it didn't work out, but maybe it would've been a big problem for you, so better for both of us. Hope you find another one, there's actually a nice one in Barrie right now, a modern ChromaColor II with remote, here's a link:
Not something I would have done, sell an item out from under another person who agreed to buy it, even if from away and if a local offered me a higher price. I don't even like Avantis, and besides, my chances of getting that one are pretty much zero. Another Chromacolor II in Nova Scotia? Not likely.
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Old 10-05-2013, 02:54 AM
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Hello Jon,

I'm sorry Jon, it seems we've had a misunderstanding.

I did not read your messages clearly, and for my part I did not make clear what's involved in getting it to you in Nova Scotia.

First of all, I should have made clear that my friends in New Brunswick only come up once a year in July. That would now be July 2014 before anything could be done, almost a year away, and I doubted anyone would want to wait that long.

Secondly, at the SAME TIME that I mentioned New Brunswick (4 AM Sept 27, 2013),
I also posted my ad on Kijiji, in both cases trying to find an interested buyer, and close a deal.

I got a reply to the Kijiji ad the same day, containing a FIRM offer to buy the set for $100, before I even saw your comments indicating you MAY be interested.

By the time you posted that you were definately interested (in your final edit on 10:30 PM Sept 27) :
"Yeah, this thing needs a full resto really. I'm up for it."

It was sold........

And I only saw this edit on Oct 3, when I went to post the news that it had been sold

Jon, I am very sorry for this misunderstanding. I blame myself for not communicating more clearly about New Brunswick, and for not letting you know sooner (i.e. Sep 27), that somebody else was interested and bought it.

It all happened so quickly! I thought it would take weeks to sell, and we may have come to an arrangement in the meantime. Please accept my apologies Jon. It was never my intention to go back on any deal, but someone else made an offer to buy before you.


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