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Old 09-11-2013, 08:42 PM
Keith Park Keith Park is offline
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Can bring list to Kutztown

I can bring the following to the Kutztown PA radio meet on the 20th and 21st,
will sell cheap!

Brand Model Type Material Book Price Needs/ Comments
Airline 74BR2702A Console Wood Chassis only
Amrad 280 Metal 25 B power supply
Atwater Kent 89 30 Chassis only
Atwater Kent H Horn Speaker Metal 50
Crosley 25 Console Wood chassis & speaker only
Granco Table Bakelite 20 UHF tuner
Kolster K20 Table Wood 15 Cabinet only
Majestic Metal 25 A power supply
Majestic Metal 25 B power supply
Majestic 15 Table Wood 20 Parts set
RCA 94 20 Chassis only
RME Table Metal 20 UHF tuner
Speaker Table Wood 25 Table
Philco 19 Cathedral Chassis only
Philco 60 Chassis only
For Radiola 17/18 Speaker Table Wood
Aimone Speaker Table Wood 9/5/2028
Conoidal Stevens Manf Co Speaker Wood PM speaker only
Airline 62-217 chassis & bad speaker only
Philco 96 Chassis only
Philco 48-1266 Chassis only
1914 Victor VV Xf Upright Wood Victrola
Radiola 20 Table Wood Parts set
Zenith 1005 Chassis only
Zenith 7B02 speaker, antenna
Zenith 6G20 Console Wood Chassis only
Zenith 5-S-228 Tombstone Wood Chassis only
Philco 611 Console Wood Chassis, speaker and cabinet parts
Sparton 15 Lowboy Wood Chassis, speaker and cabinet parts
Kolster K6 Speaker Wood
Kolster K6 Speaker Wood
Atwater Kent 711 Speaker No cone or voice coil
RCA? Speaker
Sparton 89A Chassis & Speaker &bits
Philco 660/665 Wood Chassis
Radiola 100 Speaker Metal Speaker only
Atwater Kent E Speaker Metal Speaker only
Atwater Kent E Speaker Metal Speaker only
Speaker Metal Speaker only
American Bosch Magneto 35 "The cruiser" Coffin Wood Chassis & cabinet parts only
Zenith 9 S 365 Speaker Speaker only 49-148AB
Zenith Speaker Speaker only 49B416 500 ohm
Zenith Speaker Speaker only 49AB251 1250ohm
Brandes Speaker Wood
Philco Half pedestal Speaker Speaker only
Philco 37-84 Cathedral Wood Cabinet only
Atwater Kent F4 Speaker Metal Speaker only
Atwater Kent 812 Chassis only
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