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Old 04-24-2012, 04:48 AM
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Originally Posted by drh4683 View Post
Yes, I have way too much. Its gotten out of hand and I want to thin down the oversized collection.

I have three Zenith 4 tube hybrids from 1971-73. They need work, great parts sets though. They're free, get them out of here.

I have two 16" tube type portable zenith colors from around '74. One is in such bad shape with a rusty chassis, I don't know why I've kept it. Other one is for parts. Take them, they're free.

1973 Admiral "Solarcolor" tube type console. Great shape, works. $30

1963 Zenith 19" Space command 300 portable. Nice shape, it probably works. Never even plugged it in since I bought it at an estate sale. I have two of them, don't need more than one. I assume it works cause its a zenith. $40.

1968 RCA Victor CTC-35 console, cabinet is beat up, who knows if it works but its complete. Good restoration project, no cataracts. Take it, its free.

1966 Sears Silvertone color combo. Nice shape, needs work, both phono and TV do not work. Take it, its free.

1967 Admiral console color REMOTE CONTROL set in early american cabinet. Rare as hell with the remote option. TV is mint. Works, just needs a couple caps in the vertical to get it perfect. $100

1968 Sylvania console color REMOTE CONTROL set, very nice shape, also rare as hell with remote. You never see these. Even has the owners manual and papers! TV works. $75

1970 Motorola console solid state AM FM stereo console phono. Mint, works perfect, very rare, franklin park assembled unit with all original papers in motorola folder. $40

1972 Sears Silvertone console stereo in early american cabinet. TV works perfect, its mint with original manual. $50.

1971 RCA CTC-38 console (its one of those "twins" I found at the estates last year, remember?). Needs a power cord, the power inlet prongs got broke off the chassis. I never tried it. The TV is near mint though and clean. $50

1969 Admiral console COLOR with fold out doors, mint, works perfect. Has some bubbling cateracts which can be fixed if you are careful. Otherwise its perfect. $50

1974 Zenith Avanti with space command 600, horizontal solid state indestructable chassis. Nice shape, works. $100

1979 or so 13" RCA color set, ultrasonic remote. Remote is missing but TV works.
if you like small single cylinder vintage engine's like brigg's/kohlor ex garage stored ,contact me doug im looking for some zenith tv's mybe we can help each other.
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