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Old 09-05-2010, 12:54 PM
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WTS-3 lots of various vacuum tubes, for TV's

Wanted to Sell. I have a large lot of Vacuum Tubes that came from a TV repairmans box. Some were tube “rolled” (ie, swapped for testing purposes) but most (90+%) of these appear NOS and most US made. Any anomolies are listed. The bad news is I can’t test these tubes, so they are sold as is. But since they are sold as is, I’m offering a price about 25% of what most dealers charge for these. Most are compactrons. I’m going to offer them in 3 “lots” I have randomly made up. I hope some of you guys that restore/repair/enjoy these old TV’s can make some use of these.

Each lot will have a price shipped to the continental 48 US States. Sorry, no shipments outside the 50 States. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, contact me, and I’ll see what I can do about the price and shipping. It will probably add a few $$$, but we’ll see.

Listed as Tube Number, Make, Notes(usually none), Quantity

Lot 1:

12BV11 RCA 1
12CL3 GE 1
12DW4A GE 1
13FD7 Sylvania 1
17AY3A GE Box Westinghouse Tube 1
17BW3 GE 1
17CT3 International 1
19DK3 GE 1
1AD2 RCA 1
1BY2A Sylvania 1
2AH2 GE 1
5HA7 GE 1
6AF11 GE 1
6AG11 GE 1
6AL11 GE 2
6AR11 GE 1
6B10 Sylvania 1
6BA11 GE 1
6BD11 GE 1
6BE3 GE 2
6BH11 GE 2
6BV11 GE 1
6BV11 RCA 1
6BW11 GE 2
6CM3 RCA 1
6EW7 GE 1 marking gone-assume this tube 2
6FD7 GE 1
6FJ7 GE 1
6FY7 GE 1
6G11 GE 1
6GC5 GE 1
6GF5 GE 1
6KU8 RCA 1
6M11 GE 1
6MJ8 GE 1
6MN8 GE 1
6T10 IEC USA on top 1
6T10 Sylvania 1

That’s 44 tubes total. These are $50 shipped! A little over a $1/tube delivered!


12HE7 Zenith 1
12JF5 RCA/GE 1
15MF8 GE 1
17DQ6B-17GW6 Zenith 1
17JM6 Zenith 1
17JN6 Zenith 1
21LU8 GE 1
33GY7A GE 1
35LR6 Dumont 1
35LR6 GE 1
38HE7 Zenith 1
6EJ4A (6EF4) RCA 1
6EJ4A (6EF4) GE 3
6GV5 RCA 1
6HS5 GE 1
6JK5 Zenith 1
6JN6 Zenith 2
6JN6 RCA 1
6KM6 RCA 1
6MF8 Zenith 1

That’s 23 tubes total. Note the 2 35LR6’s in there. These are $58 shipped! A little over a $2/tube delivered!

Lot 3:

17JB6 Philco 1
21GY5 Westinghouse 1
21HB5A GE 1
21LG6A GE 1
21LU8 GE 1
22JF6 GE 1
22JG6 Sylvania 1
31LQ6 Raytheon 1
33GT7 RCA 1
6DN3 RCA 1
6EH4A GE 1
6GY5 RCA 1
6HS5 RCA 1
6JB5 (6HE5) GE 1
6JH5 Westinghouse 1
6JK5 Zenith 1
6JM6 (same as 6JM6A) GE 1
6JU6 RCA 1
WKHD (no clue what this is) Zenith Sylvania Tube? 1

That’s 20 tubes total. These run several dollars each at dealers usually. These are $48 shipped! A little over a $2/tube delivered!

OK, so you don’t know me, check my feedback on ebay, j4570.

Payment? Paypal accepted for no additional charge, or United States Postal Service Money Orders ONLY. Any other type of payment not accepted. No trades on these.

FIRST EMAIL is first in line. Jw4570$

Replace the “$” with “@”

I work most days, so I can’t check email until I get home in the evenings, that’s why it’s important to email. Please note the “I’ll take lot XXX” gets in front of “I have 48 questions about your tubes”. I hope you understand. I’ll reply with payment infromation.

IF you want more than one lot, guess what? DISCOUNT! Purchase 2 lots, get $10 discount total. Purchase all three, get $25 discount total. Obviously, once a lot is sold, some discounts are no longer available.

Thanks for looking,

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