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I now know I have never seen a TS-907 but that cabinet is very similar to the one I had. I think my legs were right on the corners. The area that the fabric covers on this TS-907 looks to be the size I remember but with the knob layout of the previous set. However, I still think the dial-knobs were even bigger with black lines between the numberst but otherwise just like the lighted, dial-knobs in that nice photo of the TS-912?/916? I bet that photo is a 916 and mine was likely a 912. I wish we had all TV brochures posted!

I hope you take good care of that '56 Motorola because I got a feeling that it is worth all the trouble to rebuild it. I think if you put enough effort into it you can get the exact wood and color finish. Plus, I think it is one of the most attractive sets from the '50's.

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