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Every so often I'll dig out a projector & play with it; it's been too long. Mostly I use a Bell+Howell from the late 70's for 16mm. I have a french door opposite of my screen in the living room & have thought about using that as a sound break. I'm not sure I have any full-length movies; maybe something old with a missing reel? Can't recall. Some interesting stuff, nonetheless.

I've told this story before, but: I once ran into a dumpster diver at the flea market. (Honest. He was selling, mostly, crumpled up boxes of snack cakes that he'd dug out of the trash-or trying to sell them, I should say!) He told me that the largest of our local libraries had tossed all their film, but not before having volunteers pull the reels apart with pliers and pull the film loose so nobody would take it. He mentioned rescuing an Bob Hope film. I wonder if any libraries still have them gathering dust in the back somewhere?
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