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Originally Posted by kramden66 View Post
The newer the projector the more quiet it gets , the 1500 series bell and Howell ones are a lot more quiet than the early bell and Howells like the 179 , 200 and 300 series , plus the lamp has more brightness , then there's the Elmo that's even more quiet and newer eiki projectors , all with smaller but brighter lamps .
As far as features or shorts or tv shows eBay or keep looking on Craigslist
Wow I missed this response entirely!

Since I last posted I picked up a Graflex 815, as part of a big lot of movies and shorts. It needs restoration, but looks like quite a nice machine. It's quieter and brighter than the DeVry, but less "cool". The film path is filthy, amplifier needs to be rebuilt, and it needs a new belt. For now just using it to rewind.

Have been happy with the DeVry though, with a 2" lens it now sits 30 feet back from the screen, and noise is no longer a concern. Brightness is excellent.

I also wired the sound into my Klipsh La Scalas, on either side of the screen, and there's now no shortage of volume or clarity!

I got myself a perf-o-fix machine, and have been repairing sprocket damage, and have become proficient at splicing film with cement. Even learned how to make my own cement by dissolving film scraps into acetone. Still need a pair of hand rewinds, but that will be soon enough. Also want to get a tape splicer eventually but they're expensive.

The DeVry is cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted to within an inch of its life, and I've got a nice sharp picture and clear sound all the time now.

I've got about 6 or 7 feature movies now, a couple 15 chapter serials, and a whole load of shorts, as well as educational films. It's cool how stuff seems to come out of the woodwork once you start looking for it.

Actually I just had a new movie show up last night, "American Hot Wax", my first colour feature.. am looking forward to screening it this weekend. Going to go through it first though, check all the old splices and perforations for damage. I think there's something special about watching a movie on film, an immediacy which isn't there with video. Or maybe just the level of effort you need to put into getting a film theatre set up is fairly high, and it makes me appreciate the movies more.

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