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Originally Posted by TUD1 View Post
I've done several cataracts and I don't really worry about implosion all that much. I once did a cataract removal on the bathroom floor in my pajamas. A few months ago, I needed to bust up an old dead Zenith 25GP22, and even with a good sized sledgehammer, it took a lot of force to get it to pop.
Worry? No. Take sensible and reasonable precautions? Hell yes! I've never done a cataract removal but have popped a few CRT's in my youth (back in the early 7's we didn't know better!) and they can really throw some glass sometimes. A piece in the eye would really ruin your day. I'd be wearing a face shield, some gloves and a jacket. Maybe it goes back to my firefighter days, we did crazy stuff but with proper gear.

What about the air gap between a Predicta CRT and the plastic safety screen?
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