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Best/Strangest DX catches

From another thread:

"Originally Posted by Sandy G
So.... In other words, DON'T go looking to snare Radio Nibi-Nibi at high noon in N. America.. That's somethin' we oughta start here- A list of your weirdest, most unusual DX catches over the years. MW, FM, SW, whatever, & what you picked it up on.. And TRY not to "Lie" too much about it."

Ok, I will open with radio Farda on 1575 kHz Dec 12, 2009 7 pm and later from the US west coast. I did not hear a clear id that I could understand, just a man singing in an unfamiliar language in a very strange musical scale, but several other west coast dxers made a positive id.
Icom 8500/100 ft "longwire" antenna.

Any other LW SW MW FM catches?

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