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Welcome aboard Sue.
Zenith is a nice choice. Easiest to deal with. Your chassis number is on
the warning tag on the right. Always use it when asking questions.

First thing is lets get an idea how the pix tube is & take it from there.

There are 5 color controls on the reat to the R of the cord.
On the brown fiber board there is a G & B control. Leave them alone
for now.
On the main chassis there are 3 more R, B, & G usually marked " screen".
Turn all 3 all the way down CCW & remember where the green was.
Turn one way up. It should give that color only.
Turn back down & turn another up should be that color only.
Due the same with the 3rd color. Take pictures of the 3 different colors
& post them.
You can now put the G control back.
Now you can try one more thing.
With the G back where it was turn up the R & B about the same place.
If the CRT is real strong you should get almost a B&W picture.
Tweak the controls & try to make it as B&W as you can.

73 Zeno
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