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If anyone ever finds one.....I would REALLY appreciate having a schematic to this reference design.

I have so far just gotten by with "prodding, poking, logic and guessing" when it comes to the initial fixing of one that came to my doorstep (I think I have like 25 of these now...mostly different colors). They are identical enough that just having two or three of the more boring ones as "parts sets" will fix like TEN of 'em by just switching out yokes, CRTs, speakers or the occasional "well THERE'S yer PROBLEM!" you'll see when tearing one apart for some reason. If it's in this cabinet..with those two switches and the dial volume control and headphone jack on's this same set, even if it says JWIN, Yorx, GPX, Coby, Pacific Technology, Curtis,etc Even KB Toys and the Pro Bass Shops have their own branded one of these. I saw one on ebay that is even Nestle Kit-Kat (the chocolate bar) branded! I would have it already (REAL cool transparent red!)...except that it was like $50 BIN priced at the time.

There are like three or four variants to this same basic "Coby" set....but appear to look mostly the same except for inclusion or not of A/V inputs or charging circuits. I don't even know who "actually" builds these or if there is an actual "original" version.

I've tried allover to find a schematic for the Coby "CX-TV1" or whatever that particular model number is (it's not in front of me right now), since this Coby set appears to be the most prolific brand I see. Only problem is....I have seen this SAME exact model number Coby set come with and without the RCA jacks, so still not sure which one is the "reference design", but they are gonna be almost identical anyway. I do know the CRTs are pretty much identical even with all the different CRT manufacturers. I have parted out three or four of the sets to fix others with never an issue swapping CRTs.

As cheap and chincy as these sets are.....I have yet to have fixed one and then have it go pearshaped. Usually anything wrong with them is from when you first got it. You fix it, and it seems to STAY running. The first one I got was in the alley and looked like someone had THROWN it down the street. I stuck the perfectly working set in another plastic cabinet....and it's still sitting in front of me on my desk at work since I fixed it in 1996 or whatever. I always turn it on to test A/V stuff or watch old Star Trek episodes from a USB media player almost every day.

This little "sub" by far the quirkiest part of my collection. I have alot of small sets that are different, but I keep this one collection of "the same set...just different" completely seperate from the others.
My current "holy grail" is trying to get enough parts together to get a Singer TV6U going. Been kicking my ass for nearly a year now :-P

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