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Hey bgadow....

Got the little set this morning. As usual...a box sitting on my desk as I came in to wake up the network.

Pleasant surprise.....It's NOT silver like I thought...and not black. So a NEW color for my little collection of these. It's sort of a "gunmetal grey". Works great, and it's of my favorite version of the three or four of that reference design. The one with the RCA jacks on back for audio and video.

You were right in that this thing has NO brand...not even on the label in back, just a "Personal Black & White TV with AM/FM Radio" - "MODEL NO. 2300-BWZ-BD503 NTSC-M"

Thats kinda trippy. The thing is a little touchy with the AV/TV switch on the back, but about half of them with that option are like that anyway. Otherwise seems to be perfect (such as "perfect" is with these)
My current "holy grail" is trying to get enough parts together to get a Singer TV6U going. Been kicking my ass for nearly a year now :-P
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