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I posted this in both ARF, amd, my own forum tonight. Thought you'd be interested. Here goes................

I have had this machine for over 35 years. When I got it it was still barely playing with it's original 1939 factory Crystal cartridge.
I repaired it at the time, and, it put out some audio, but, not alot.
Well, alot happenned, and, I haven't touched it in 20 years, approx.

I got back on it about two weeks ago after my flyback fried in my Raytheon tv.
I put new electrolytics in it again, and, started repairs.

Well, it's still got issues, but, guess what!!
The original crystal cartridge is still very much alive!!!!!!
The wire leading to it was shorted because rubber insulation on center wire had crumbled off.
The wires solder to the back of the cartridge, and, there is a shorting switch mounted on the cartridge to short it out while changing needles.
I don't have great wire, and, it's causing me major headaches. But, with fiddling around, I get fairly decent volume out of that cartridge, with good bass response.
I can't play a record yet because of mechanical problems, including a gummed up motor.
But, with difficulty, I can drag a record, and, it had decent volume, admittedly with vol control turned all the way up, but, still, decent volume, with good bass.
I'm not even going to rebuild this one. I'm leaving this cartridge alon!!!!

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