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Originally Posted by Popester View Post
My wish list:

That America would make tv's or radios again. Fat chance,but on with my wish list. Sony tv period from 1968 up to about 1985

Sony KV-5000
Sony KV-1210U
Sony KV9000U
You don't want TOO much, do you ?!? (grin)Seriously, I'm old enuf to remember when a badge Meant something... "Made in USA" That was all it HAD to say. Seems like things started getting VERY "Cheap & Nasty" about the same time when RCA re-did their logo to that new "Blocky" type face.. I remember going into a large RCA dealer's place about 1969-70 or there abouts, he had a Big "Mess" of TOTL RCA entertainment centres, they had carnival grade plastic knobs, that disgusting "Plastiwood" front panels, & they all smelled like a polecat had crawled up in a few of '/em & met his maker but NOT before evacuating his Bladder several times.
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