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Copmactron type tubes (except for horizontal and vertical outputs) are dirt cheap. You could get a few sets of tested replacements cheaper than a low end tester, and test tubes by substitution.

If the CRT lights over most of it's face and is reasonably bright a CRT tester is not needed either.

If your in a college town and there is an electrical engineering, computer engineering, Physics, or other scientific/technical curriculum there will be a lab with an oscilloscope...Getting permission to use it would be the thing. Scopes are often not necessary on sets this new.

I've got a nearly complete library of Zenith issued Color TV schematics from the beginning to the end of the modular upright solid-state chassis, and some full service manuals from that time. If you want I could copy the schematic for it and mail it to you (I'd offer some form of digital copy but I'm neck deep in computer troubles presently.).

IIRC a friend of mine had me service the same chassis in a different cabinet. His was arcing loudly from the HV cage due to one of the screws that held the rectifier socket in arcing through the insulator cup to the chassis. I ended up cleaning the cup, drilling the carbon tracking out of the cup filling the hole with RTV silicone, cutting the screw down to a shorter length and putting it back together...The repair has held up well.
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