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FS: 1970 14" Zenith A3520. Parts/Repair.

THIS THREAD IS OUTDATED IN EVERY WAY. I've kept it here for archival purposes. If you are interested in this (NOW WORKING!) TV, please refer to this new thread.

$10. All American, HEAVY Zenith color vaccum tube 14" TV from 1970, possibly 1969. Model no. A3520. Chassis no. 12A10C15. All knobs, handle and both antennas intact. No cataracts on tube, only one tiny scratch in the middle. But it doesn't work.

Photo album:

I rescued this from an e-waste dump today and hoped to try and get it working. It wasn't til I finally got it back to my dorm I realized what I had was a genuine tube TV. Tube equipment is far beyond my repair expertise so I wish to sell this to an enthusiast who knows what they are doing and can repair this or use it for parts. Hopefully there is somebody out here. I will also trade for any working 19" color CRT TV with knob tuning (heck maybe even varactor), from any era, as I've been looking for one for quite some time with no luck.

I tried turning it on only once. I saw tubes glowing orange in the back, 30 seconds later very loud screeching noise varying in pitch. Occasional sputters of snowy picture. I saw small arcing somewhere near the bottom on the back of the CRT, probably the cause of the noise. Not near the flyback, though.

There are several empty tube sockets on the board. Probably had tubes taken out, though certainly not anytime recently as it's pretty dusty inside. Maybe that's all it needs.

I am located in Normal, IL, on ISU campus. Please PM me if you are interested.

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