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Originally Posted by AlanInSitges View Post
I hear ya! Here we have no clubs, no swap meets, no nothing. If I had been at that event all the photos are from I would have wound up having to bring a container back to Barcelona and some explaining to do once it got here. Our only real options are "vintage" websites and ebay, both of which are populated by sellers who want 450 for early-70s junk, and the occasional old tube sets.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be worth trying to start a Europe-wide meet once a year or something...
I wonder what European club this fellow is bragging about..." I went to a special meeting of a radio club in central Europe in 2007 and true they had 3,890 members and it was nothing for 600 to 700 + to turn up to a meeting!"

That was a quote from this thread on Facebook:

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