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Here is one that looks pretty good in the YouTube clips, Esther Williams in Cypress Gardens, from 8-8-60. Some of it is color film, but the parts with Esther, Fernando Lamas and Joey Bishop look to be color videotape. Hugh Downs does a beer commercial that's very good too. To quote a Billy Crystal line when he did Fernando, they "look marvelous." It looks like most of it was shot outside. The second clip is longer and has several musical numbers and the first one starts with the NBC peacock.

Here are some clips...

And here is where you can get this color special and many others. The Film Collectors Society of America. It's $14.99 plus shipping.

Here is their listing of TV specials and many date to the 1960-65 era. It's a treasure trove of stuff and many things I've never heard of before. I have no experience buying any of their offerings so proceed at your own risk. But just looking through their catalog is like stepping back in time for me.
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