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Yes, that's the one. Oddly, I've never seen the first post on these wonderful sets. Heck, I thought almost all sets of that period with a parallel heater arrangement used a 5U4 and a power transformer. But it sounds like you know a bit about them. Very interesting!

When I needed the new 21zp4B, a member brought me the tube, another whole set with the 21YP4, and I think 2 chassis. I can't warehouse TVs anymore, so I broke the complete (metal cabinet) set down to parts and saved the chassis'. So, I doubt I will ever run out of parts. I am so intrigued by the set every time it comes to life just as the day I bought it 30+ years ago; or really the day it rolled out of the Philco plant. To many a set working with almost no repair for so many decades is electrically impossible.

Frankly, I surprises me that some other care hasn't been required. The key is this: I believe that this, and other items I have without any restoration work, was used on a fairly regular basis, but not heavy use such as playing around the clock. In other words, it's not worn out, but used just enough to keep the capacitors in order. I rotate everything I have through use all year around just based on this theory. Heck, I plugged that metal chassis set in and got absolutely nothing but a loud 60Hz hum. And it obviously had been sitting for a long time.
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