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So there was a 7V winding, but as you say it was sealed off. But again, with what was marked for heaters I kept getting about 7 volts and hadn't a clue why. Till finally I unwrapped that set of smaller gauge wires. I can't remember now every move I made, but it became pretty obvious that they could be used for a single tube and the 6x5 would be the one.

What I wish I could understand is how using that tap for the 6x5 brought the rest of the tube heaters down to around 6V. All I did was remove the large wire from the 6x5 and place it to feed the heaters. The other wire of that pair was already to chassis ground. I'm glad it worked anyway. I just hate not knowing why. Ya know? When you train in electronics, it's all about proving (normally mathematically and electrically) what you do.
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