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I replaced all of the resistors in the tuner today. 3 of them were a bit tough. I relied on the coil method for those 3 and a few other places. I cleaned the tuner assembly and then replaced the resistors. I then used De-Oxit and a business card to clean the fingers where the tuning strips slide through.

As a side note the average the resistors were 23% from their nominal resistance. The lowest was 3% and the highest was 62%. Of the 9 resistors replaced, 5 were way out of tolerance, 2 were 12% (just out of tolerance), and 2 were 3% (well within tolerance). Pretty close to what I've seen through the 6 chassis I've restored. Where at least 50% were out of tolerance. 25% were just out of tolerance, and 25% were with in tolerance.

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