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My high voltage wire came in so I finished the Flyback wiring. I decided to use some new 20Kv 22awg wire. I've used this stuff before and it has worked well for me. The working H.V. is about 12 to 14Kv.
I used some heat shrink to increase the diameter of the wire and to provide some extra abrasion resistance as it passes through the then guides. I then soldered it to the 1B3GT tube socket and used several layers of heat shrink tubing to provide some extra strain relief on the wires as they go into the tube socket. I then used some lacing cord to tie the wires together before they go into the tube socket shell.

I also used some of this wire for the plate cap wire for both 6BQ6GT and the 1B3GT tubes. I'll terminate the CRT HV lead during the dry fit phase.

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