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An amazing number of folks have gotten into this. They'll grab anything that isn't tied down, and some of them will just take plain anything. I have always given away my scrap (I generate tons of junk sheetmetal over the course of a year) but have been thinking I should start selling it myself.

I was talking to a fellow a few days ago about the old TV hobby; he mentioned that he is constantly parting out sets for the wire. (but luckily he has only had one tube set come his way) Said he wraps all the wire up in a ball and then sells it. He told me about getting zapped by the HV line on a TV so I brought him inside and showed him how to discharge them. I was also generous enough to give him a bucket of old unidentified yokes. In return, I told him I expect all future tube sets he comes across to be left on my doorstep!

I will also note that I have several buckets full of cheater cords and pigtails, all thanks to sets I junked over the years. I would never throw anything out without saving the good cord.

The grilles a lot of work for $200? I don't know. What would a weeks wages at McDonalds get you? I guess it depends on what you, personally, charge an hour! I have met some hard working, honest scrap haulers, old men who really appreciated what they got. They would really work hard for their money but given the skill set they had it wasn't like they could go play doctor or lawyer.

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