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Originally Posted by Whirled One View Post
This happens all the time here on bulk trash days -- there are metal scrappers that look out for any electrical appliances left out on the curb, and cut the power cord. From what I heard from one such 'scrapper' I encountered one day, a full large-size trash bag full of electric cords will net about $50 worth of copper. Frankly, it seems like it would take a lot of time and labor to get that fifty bucks, but hey. Anyway, it rather annoys me sometimes, because the "Clipper People" are just as fond of cutting up special hard-to-replace and/or expensive muliti-conductor cables found on various computer and A/V equipment, often rendering such items useless. But, hey, it was thrown out in the *trash*, so it's not like anyone has any more 'claim' to it than anyone else.

The scrap-metal collectors also love to dismantle discarded gas barbecue grills; apparently most of them are made of cast aluminum, which is easy to sell as scrap.

I recycle gas barbeque grills myself, and made over 200 dollars recycling profit last year from them. About 27 grills i think. Its a messy job, but its an easy recycling profit.
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