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The blue coil moves the lines up on the right, but then totally messes up the left side. I can get the left pretty close, but then the blue horizontals at the top of screen are off. The only way to get the top horizontal lines converged is to back off the coil and let the right and left get that far out of whack.

There is one pot that doesn't seem to do much at all. There's barely a difference and I should have noted it and figured out what it was supposed to adjust. I don't remember which one it was and will have to go back and start turning them again.

I was able to check the resistors in circuit and they read at their values. Not sure how to test the diode pack. Don't think it's an easy removal and I doubt it can be tested in place.

I used the ohm setting to check each pot and coil and not were "open". Don't know what else I can check. Gotta get my brother's scope.
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