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Originally Posted by Mal Fuller View Post
The chassis seems to show signs of a normal life and maintenance period during your set's first years in some kind of service. Sprague and Mallory single-section electrolytics and the 1B3 date coded 1958, all suggest a period of "normal" use.
Having no apparent delay line along with a chassis area earmarked "delay" is another unsolved mystery.
I gather reading twixt the lines that this set recently came from Harry Poster. He sure has had some rare merchandise through the years.
You know, a luminance delay line can also be a network of peaking coils and resistors in a can, or a long thin shielded wire wrapped around a non-inductive core with an active frequency compensation circuit. Until cheap glass delay lines were developed there were several methods of delaying a broadband signal. - Of course the delay might have been removed.. I gather this set does not use IQ demodulation otherwise it would need TWO delays.
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