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Glad it all got there in good shape Nick. Especially that rare proto CRT. Hard to tell what the getter looks like from the photo, but you could check for continuity on the filiments before I get there on Saturday.

I will bring the Sencor and the B&K along with the adapter for the 20Pin bi-decal base.

From the photo I can tell the gun assembly is definately of the 15GP22 type with electrostatic convergence cup. It has some centering wings that are spot welded to the cup that are not present on a 15G gun but other than that, the gun is a 15G gun.

In the event the crt is a leaker, You could send it to France to be leak sealed with frit glass and re-gunned. John and I will be sending our first 4 15G tubes over there sometime in august. We have special cartons and a crate being built. Each round trip shipment to France and back will contain 4 tubes.
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