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Your degaussing issue:
It's probably due to a defective thermistor in the degaussing circuit. RCA thermistors from the '90's are bad about falling apart. I've seen many where the leads would break loose from the body and barely be making contact. I've never seen a degaussing coil in one of these fail. In fact, I've only seen two degaussing coils fail in all of the TV's that I've messed with over the past 19 years.

Your shutdown problem:
I agree that bad solder connections are causing it. Try resoldering the horizontal drive transformer, the flyback, the horizontal output transistor, and the connections around that big resistor. I don't know why; but, several companies experienced trouble with the horizontal drive xfmr being soldered poorly. What chassis (CTCxxx) does your set use?

The latest colortrak 2000 model that I've seen was from around '92. Then, the Proscan line came along. Boy, I remember the local dealers playing up on how advanced the Proscan line was. I had a '91 27" that uses something like a CTC157 or 159 chassis. It was a TV shop reject and played well after I changed the flyback and HOT. I used it for several years and then sold it when I needed $.
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