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Originally Posted by MRX37 View Post
I don't think yours is the final Colortrak 2000 model. I had a Colortrak 2000 from 1991.

I won't argue that.
The store was giving these away at half price the
year I got it and then they came out with ProScan.
It's great with a good signal, but absolute crap
with VCR tape or weak over the air. Even
LaserDisc through a top of the line Pioneer seemed
But DVDs are sharp and bright with great contrast
and no color bleed.
It seems that RCA had mastered the color gamut
pretty well (still weak in turquoise) but didn't
delve into the world of compensation for various
defects in signals. On the other hand, I bought a
little JVC 19" the same year and every source
shown on it was saturated and razor sharp and
high contrast. I bought a 32" JVC flat tube a
couple of years ago, and they've continued that
tradition into the present day. There is a lot of
voodoo science in making all sources look acceptable
on a phosphor screen. RCA gave up too early...
But I love the old ColorTrak2000 for DVDs and
will look forward to a new life for it with the HDTV
converters, when available.
Anybody have any thoughts on verrtical compression
on older sets? I'm thinking of installing a switch
to have a second potentiometer in the vertical size
circuit. The 32" JVC has this feature and it makes
a picture as sharp as PAL or even French SECAM.
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